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Gospel Music

I Am New

So what can I expect if I visit Roaring Forks Baptist Church?

Below are a few FAQ's that may help our guests understand who we are. Please contact the church office with any other questions you might have. You can email us at  or call our office (865) 436-8643. 

  • What is worship like?
    We are blessed with a variety of gifted singers of all ages. Though we love the newer Christian songs that speak to the heart we will never forget the older classics that remind us of a firm foundation. Our goal is to provide God inspired songs each service to bless those in attendance.
  • What do you offer for kids?
    Two of our greatest ministry groups are junior high and senior high youth. Junior high youth are given many opportunities throughout the year to connect in activities and studies building them for the next stage of life. Our high school group also is very involved with beach trips each year along with ongoing studies and serving opportunities benefiting our community.
  • Do you have a nursery?
    Yes! We have a well staffed nursery along with children's church as part of the worship service.
  • What do I wear?
    What you wear is not as important as the fact you are there. Very few suits are seen at Roaring Fork Baptist Church. We want you to be comfortable when you join us but respect that we are in God's house.
  • What are your hours?
    ​Sunday Breakfast - Begins at 9:00 am every Sunday. Sunday School - Begins at 9:45 am every Sunday Sunday Morning Worship Service - Morning service begins at 10:45 am Sunday Evening Worship Service - Evening service begins at 6:00 pm Wednesday Dinner - begins at 5:30 pm Wednesday Adults Bible Study/Church/Youth Bible Classes - Begins at 6:30 pm
  • How can I get connected?
    The best way is to follow us on Facebook and check our website. We are working an app for the church that should be available soon.
  • Can I meet with a pastor?
    Absolutely! Our pastors a very approachable and would love to schedule a time to meet with you offer personal counsel or just pray. Our ministers are here to help.
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